vForum Australia and New Tintri T800 Series launch

VMware vForum Australia

It’s been a busy few weeks in Australia with the annual VMWare vForum events taking place throughout November.

For those of you who are not familiar with vForum, think of it as a very condensed VMworld captured in a series of 1 and 2 day events.

This year was my first round of events with Tintri and the timing was pretty good, since Tintri had just announced the new T800 series (more about that later).

vForum in Australia is a great time to catch up with all my industry peers, plus see what’s going on in the local markets in each city.

We were lucky enough to have the Tintri founder and CTO, Kieran Harty was in town for vForum Sydney and he had the following to say:

New T800 Series

New product range and designer look.

Tintri Smart Storage becomes even more dense…..go figure!

Tintri t880 product shot 3b 775

Here’s a quick overview of the spec’s:

T800 Series Spec s

The new 800 series also supports Tintri OS 3.1 which includes SRM support, SecureVM (On disk AES256 encryption) and Hyper V tech preview (SMB 3).

My next blog post I will go into details on how SRM is configured on Tintri.

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